The Alfred Hitchcock Hour


Beyond The Sea Of Death


  Deutscher Titel:

Genre: Thriller

Erstausstrahlung: 24.1.64 (Staffel 2, Folge 14)

Filmlänge: 50 Min.

Drehbuch: Alfred Hayes und William Gordon nach einer Geschichte von Miriam Allen deFord


Kamera: Robert Tobey

Schnitt: Edward W. Williams

Regie: Alf Kjellin

Joan Harrison, Gordon Hessler (Associate Producer)

Mildred Dunnock (Minnie Briggs), Diana Hyland (Grace Renford), Jeremy Slate (Harold Drummond/Keith Holloway), Abraham Sofaer (Dr. Shankara), Anne Ayars (Lucy Barrington), Francis DeSales (Lt. Farrell), Ollie O'Toole (Second hotel clerk), Vince Williams (Hotel clerk), Orville Sherman (Charles), Alfred Hitchcock (Moderator).

Inhaltsangabe: Grace Renford is a wealthy and attractive woman who is interested in meeting a man who will love her, not for her money, but for what she is. She begins to correspond with a young engineer named Keith Holloway who she met through an ad in a spiritualism magazine. When he arrives from Bolivia, Grace pretends to be a middle class woman by renting a modest apartment. Her friend and surrogate mother Minnie Briggs becomes displeased at her deceptive actions. Later, Grace and Keith are engaged and she finally tells him about her wealth. He tells her that he is not interested in her money. His charm even manages to win over Minnie. Keith returns to South America, but soon after he arrives Grace recieves a telegram telling her that he died in a mining explosion. Grace goes to a mystic named Dr. Shankara who holds a seance to contact Keith. Grace is grateful and she decides to give her fortune to Dr. Shankara's foundation. Minnie grows suspicious and learns that Keith is alive. Apparantly Keith, whose real named is Harold Drummond, has been working scames with Dr. Shankara for years. Minnie tells Grace that she is being conned. Grace, however, prefers her romantic notion of Keith. Overcome with anger, Grace kills Minnie for trying to destroy her fantasy.

Alexander A. Mayer (Bauten/Dekorationsbau), Julia Heron u. John McCarthy Jr. (Bühnenbildner/Ausstatter), Jack Barron (Maskenbildner), Florence Bush (Friseur), Burton Miller (Kostüme).