The Alfred Hitchcock Hour


How To Get Rid Of Your Wife 


  Deutscher Titel:

Genre: Thriller

Erstausstrahlung: 20.12.63

Filmlänge: 49 Min. 51 Min.

Drehbuch: Robert Gould



Regie: Alf Kjellin


Joyce Jameson (Rosie Feather), Bob Newhart (Gerald Swiney), Harry Hines (Rat poison salesman), Jane Withers (Edith Swinney), Joseph Hamilton (Stage doorman), Ann Morgan Guilbert (Pet shop owner), Helene Winston (Mrs. Penny), Harold Gould (District attorney), Mary Scott (Laura), Bill Quinn (Mr. Penny), Gail Bonney (Mrs. Harris), George Petrie (Henry), Robert Karnes (Police Sergeant), William Wellman, Jr. (Delivery man).

Inhaltsangabe: Gerald Swiney is a enpecked husband who decides to get rid of his nagging wife Edith. He plans to drive her awat by making her think he is planning to kill her. He digs a grave-like hole in his backyard and leaves empty bottles of poison around the kitchen. Edith becomes convinced and tells her friends. Her friends don't help her because they think she is going crazy. Gerald buys a pair of rats from a woman at the pet store and hides them in the kitchen. When Edith sees them, she buys rat poison. Instead of using it on the rats, however, she plans to use it on Gerald. She laces his hot chocolate with poison believing that his death will look like a suicide. She gives it to her husband and, the next morning, calls the police. The police discover that Gerald is not dead. He didn't drink his hot chocolate the night before. Edith is arrested for attempted murder and sent to prison. A now-single Gerald is free to pursue anyone he wants. He sets his eyes on the helpful woman at the pet store who also happens to be the only person that knew taht he set up his wife.

This episode was filmed in the same house set used in the television series Leave it to Beaver.
The opening music, which is woven thru the episode, is very similar to the bouncy Odd Couple Theme. This episode's music is by Lynne Murray, the Odd Couple Theme by Neal Hefti.
The actress playing the pet shop owner, Anne Morgan Guilbert, later was in Dick Van Dyke Show & The Nanny