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Terror at Northfield


  Deutscher Titel:

Genre: Thriller

Erstausstrahlung: 11.10.63

Filmlänge: 50 Min. 12 Min.

Drehbuch: Leigh Brackett nach einer Geschichte von Ellery Queen



Regie: Harvey Hart


William Newell (Mr. Jones), Dick York (Sheriff Will Pearce), Harry Harvey (Mayor Sanford Brown), Peter Whitney (Bib Hadley), Raymond Guth (Farmer), Gertrude Flynn (Flora Sloan), Katherine Squire (Mrs. LaFont), Curt Conway (Dr. Burton), Jacqueline Scott (Susan Marsh), Dee Carroll (Woman), Rob Reiner (Mr. Brown), Gail Bonney (Mrs. Hayes), Hinton Pope (Second man), Dennis Patrick (Frency La Font), Jim Boles (Grocer), Bryan O'Byrne (Mr. Smith), Hal Bokar (Third man), R.G. Armstrong (John Cooley), Harry Antrim (Councilman).

Inhaltsangabe: When his teenage son Tommy is found murdered in the town of Northfield, John Cooley sets out to avenge the boys death. John is a religious fanatic who believes he is on a mission from God. When he finds a piece of car headlight at the murder scene, he seeks out and kills the car's original owner Frency La Font and an elderly librarian who had some connection to the car. With all the murders, the residents of Northfield are unstandably shaken. They demand that Sheriff Will Pearce solve the case. Unfortunately, Pearce's girlfriend Susan Marsh falls under Cooley's suspicions since she bought the car from La Font. His attempt to kill her, however, is foiled at the last second by the timely arrival of Sheriff Pearce. Pearce explains that La Font murdered Tommy and confessed to it in his last will and testament.

Shamley Production with Revue Studios, Universal Studios 1963

Ellery Queen doesn't appear in this story, but it is a genuine Dannay and Lee article, adapted from a story first published in Argosy magazine "Terror Town" (from Argosy, 8/56; also called "The Motive") and reprinted in 'Tragedy of Errors".