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To Catch A Butterfly


To Catch A Butterfly

  Deutscher Titel:

Genre: Thriller

Erstausstrahlung: 2.2.63

Filmlänge: 50 Min. 58 Sek.

Drehbuch: Richard Fielder



Regie: David Lowell Rich


Bradford Dillman (Bill Nelson), June Dayton (Barbara Stander), Than Wyenn (Dr. Burns), Clegg Hoyt (Trucker), Diana Hyland (Janet Nelson), Edward Asner (Jack Stander), Edward Asner (Jack Stander), John Pickard (First fireman), Andy Romano (Second fireman), Mickey Sholdar (Eddie Stander), John Newton.

Inhaltsangabe: Bill and Janet Nelson move into a new home next door to a family named Stander. Unfortunately, the Stander's son Eddie is a homicidal monster. Eddie kills the Nelson's dog and then runs a trip wire across the cellar stairs that almost causes Janet to break her neck. Bill knows that Eddie is responsible, but Eddie's father Jack Stander won't do anything. Jack controls the boy's life with an iron hand. It is later revealed that Eddie is not the source of the problems. Eddie, himself, is a victim of parental misunderstanding.